Desk Tour 💌

I always thought I’d have to choose between having either a bookshelf or a desk, and as I had so many books I went for the bookshelf. But I’ve recently been shopping around and I found the perfect compromise: White Desk with Bookshelves with a White Swivel Chair!

It has space for all my books, my Canon Pixma MG3550 All-In-One Printer , all my perfumes, and essentials, and there’s tonnes of room on top as well! I wanted to show you how I set it all up, because I love the way it looks!

On the one end I have lined up some TBR books, including Apollo 13, Making History and Kimberly’s Capital Punishment (which I cannot wait to read). Then underneath, there was the perfect amount of room for my printer, which means I don’t have to have it on the table top! Then on the right hand side of the desk I have some diaries, a candle and some pots with essentials in: pens, brushes, etc, which still leave enough space to actually do things on top.

Underneath the desk, I have a box of junk that I can’t find a place for 🙈, a basket of alcohol and my sketchbook and paint 🎨


On the left hand side, there are a four shelves the whole way down: the bottom shelf I’ve used for bigger hardbacks; next shelf up is the rest of my paperbacks; above the desk houses my Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Hitchhiker’s Guide and the top shelf has some more TBR books and a little drawer organiser.


Finally I have a little basket on top with all my past penpal letters, and some envelopes and stamps!

I keep all my notebooks and snail mail bits and bobs in my bedside tables and boxes around my room, but I would love to get a proper organiser for it all in the future!

I hope you enjoyed having a little sneak peak into my room, I can’t wait to move out and have more space in the future, but for now this is the setup (and I love it)!

Natalie x


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