What I Put In My Letters 💌

It’s so lovely receiving a letter on it’s own; one that’s a couple of pages long and has someones true feelings and stories in, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that. But adding a few little treats here and there can really brighten up your penpal’s day! Here’s some of things I like to add to my snail mail packages:

FullSizeRender 3

So the first thing I like to do is list the recipient’s interests/wishlist, which makes things a lot easier if I’m doing more than one letter at the same time. Obviously, the more you get to know a penpal, the less you need to do this, but I definitely find it useful for the first time.  I find the items that crop up most often are washi samples, stickers, small stationery items, tea and postcards.

To package washi, I like to wrap about 25 inches of tape around a playing card (I use a pack I bought in Spain which turned out not to be normal cards and so I have no other use for them anyway). I also love using small mail tags, I think they look so simple and cute.

For tea bags, I got an idea from a package I received in a swap. It’s a small origami pouch made out of one square of paper and doesn’t require any scissors or glue!


First, make an even margin around the entire square so for example if it was 6inch x 6inch, make a 1.5inch margin. Fold down this margin, and then fold in the corners.


Then, push the centre of the margin in and fold down, as shown.


Repeat this on all sides and you should end up with something like this!

As a person who loves to travel, I find it quite easy to collect them from countries I visit. I have a couple left from trips to Portugal and Amsterdam at the moment, but I’m hoping to collect more this year. I also have a couple of Miffy postcards, which I bought on Amazon. Also I adore the “Greetings from” Postcard range on Postallove, they are so fun to send to international penpals! Of course, I also love sending colouring postcards. If they’re in a package, I sometimes send them uncoloured, especially if the picture might be fun for the recipient, but as a normal postcard I would send it coloured.

FullSizeRender 6

A couple of extra items you could include in your package are:

  • small playlists (to show a small snippet of your music taste)
  • question sheet (to get to know your partner better)
  • post it notes
  • memo sheets
  • small writing sets
  • little envelopes

FullSizeRender 5

I hope this gives you a few ideas, and I would love to hear some of your ideas! I love looking through snail mail accounts on Instagram, and it’s so useful for getting inspiration!

Natalie x


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