Where I Buy My Stationery 📝


If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely LOVE stationery shopping. I’m the one to always find the nearest craft shop whenever I’m out, and I always have an tab open when I’m on my laptop.

If you’re struggling to find good shops, here are some of my favourite places to buy stationery!

Paperchase is a bit more on the pricey side but the notebooks are absolutely to die for 😍 I love the patterns on their washi tapes but I do find they don’t stick quite as well as some others I’ve had, which is a shame.

AliExpress on the other hand is dirt cheap and they actually do some really nice quality stationery, like washi tape and writing paper. They also do free delivery which is a blessing and a curse. The sellers are all based in China and so they can take up to 2/3 months to arrive! I’m never disappointed with my packages though, and I always think it’s worth it, especially as washi goes for about 70p per roll!

Ohh Deer is great for greetings cards, pencil cases and notebooks. They also do a stationery subscription box called Papergang and I absolutely love it!! You nearly always get a notebook, a calendar for the month, and maybe a sticker sheet or washi tape, plus a lot more! I’ve had boxes based on art by Gemma Correll,Arden Rose and so many others, and you can pick and choose which months you buy a box! It’s one of the cheapest boxes I’ve come across in the UK and I would completely recommend it 💛

Another subscription box I’ve used is Zenpop Japan. I’ll admit I’ve only had one box from them, but the pens I got were gorgeous and write so well! The box was absolutely jammed with things, and it also wasn’t too expensive. It was a lot more in the Japanese Kawaii style but I still loved everything I received and I’m 100% going to be getting more in the future!

I usually get my pens, colouring pencils and paints from Office Outlet, which replaced the Staples in my town. I mostly use Staedtler pencils and fine liners, they never let me down 💛 I also love to get general craft bits from here and Hobbycraft, so things like hole punches, scrapbooks and paper! Flying Tiger is a hidden gem for scrapbook paper and “decorating tape” as well! On my visit to Amsterdam last month, I filled my hand luggage with little stationery bits from there! It’s so cheap as well, can’t go wrong 💛

I know quite a lot of these are more UK based, but this is what I’m used to! I would love to visit a Daiso or a Michael’s in the future though, I adore watching other people’s hauls from them 💛

I really hope this helped some of you, and if you have any questions about anything pictured, feel free to comment!

Natalie x


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